How to join

If you like the look of our Programme, why not join us? New members are very welcome and there is no waiting list.

Membership is via annual subscription, which is £43.

Becoming a member gives you:

  • Free entry to all our monthly meetings (we sometimes ask for a small additional charge if we are making crafts or tasting food, but we always advertise this in advance, and you are welcome to attend without paying it).
  • Membership of any of our sub-groups that you would like to join – a great way to make more friends within the WI.
  • Access to any of the additional social events that we run – we organise regular trips to the theatre, local restaurants and other events.
  • Membership of the West Yorkshire Federation of WI’s, who run a range of fun activities and craft events – you will receive a monthly newsletter with more details.
  • Membership of the National Federation of WI’s, which includes WI Life magazine. You are also able to decide which campaigns the WI should get involved in and get involved in these yourself if you wish.

Subscriptions are usually due in January and are valid for a full year. The subscription is pro-rata’d if you join later in the year.

We welcome guest visits to our meetings: you can come along as a guest three times before a membership subscription is required. If you have already attended three times as a guest you can come to one meeting per year as a guest, after that we will ask you to join! Each guest visit is £4. So bring along friends, family, or colleagues if something tickles their fancy as well.

You can join the WI by picking up a form at any of our meetings. 

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